About Us

Aungaridham is a pious land of the temple of “Lord Surya” which is very famous for its not just ancient but also has a miraculous & amazing story. It is situated on the bank of river ‘Nonai’ a sub-branch of Mahane which itself originated from ‘Falgu’. Aungari is located on 250 30’ north latitude & 850 15’ east longitudes.
It’s a part of the historic place “Nalanda” i.e. It is situated in Nalanda district, Ekangar Sarai block. As mentioned earlier. There is a “Sun Temple” whose gate is facing west (against the tradition, as according to Hindu Mythology Temple specially ‘Sun Temple’ should face east’ There is a tale concerned with this. People say that the temple was established and constructed by King Shamb (Grandson of Lord Krishna) in ‘Dwapar Yuga’. As every other temple it also had the gate facing east. Once, a Muslim Emperor challenged that if the lord of the Temple had power then it would turn on west, all of sudden with a thrilling sound and lighting the Temple itself turned to west. This made the people realise that God is himself their residing in the temple. This temple has a power to attract anyone how so ever comes to it. Believes are related with this. The holy festival of Hindus ‘The Chath Vrata’ is celebrated here at a grand level.
The land well equipped with canal and water resources is very fertile and full of greenery. The splashing water from the canal itself tells the story. Having a religious background it also had been a centre of teaching. It is equipped with the teaching centres like-Middle School, High School, Sanskrit Vidyalaya. What it needed was a college-that also has been established by the efforts of Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi (the ex-Panchayat Cabinet Minister in Bihar Government).
His colleagues collected the money from Fair Development Council as a donation. As a trust the college got established in 1978. This has proven itself to be a lamp-post in the field of education for the rural students specially girl students. Thus, the college is contributing in empowering the women and lifting them up.
At present, it has faculty at Graduation level for Arts & Science. This is a unit of Magadh University & affiliated with the State Government for graduation degree level studies. It is spread over 15 acres of land and hoping for more…… It has well equipped laboratories for Honours Students in Physics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Geography & Psychology. It has computer facilities as well BCA studies are ecpected from the next session.
Now-a-days, UGC is conducting many schemes which are supporting the development of Rural Colleges, like Rural/Remote/Border/Hill/Tribal areas, SC/ST/OBC Network Resource Centre Career and Counseling Cell.
This college has been started by Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi. At present, it is in the hands of honourable M.P. Mr. Kaushlendra Kumar, He being the Secretary always supports the College. Hope, that the college will go through all round development under the guidance of M.P. cum-Secretary Mr. Kaushlendra Kumar. It will prove itself as a benchmark in the field of education not only in Nalanda but also in Bihar.
But now, this is in the hand of “The Vikash Purush” Honourable C. M. Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar. Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar has come L.S.T.G. College, Aungaridham (Nalanda) for inauguration of the statue of Lal Singh Tyagi on 21st January 2016, He also hails from the very same district Nalanda. He has supported the Colleges by financing them. We are grateful to him for this & look forward…….
In future, May the college gets into its right place that it deserves. It has been the centre of education for years. So we are hopeful……..
Thanking you.